Thursday, July 21, 2011

Almost 2 years later....

I'm feeling good. It's been almost two years since my Gyn suggested, "Hey, since you're not pregnant right now, why don't you get your baseline mammogram?" You know, because back then, the recommended age for first mammograms was 35.  Three months after my diagnosis, the new recommendations raised the age to 40. Thanks, but I like NOT being dead or having a further dimished life-capacity. Curse you, age 40 mammograms!!

So, what am I doing? Trying to get knocked up. (Not all by my self of course. CJ's helping, too.) I finished my Herceptin back in January and allowed the following months to clear it out of my system. I still feel a bit unbalanced, so I've been pursuing acupuncture. I found a great acupuncturist, Christopher Grodski. He's also a licensed herbalist. I feel much better and it's definately been helping my menstrual cycle, which shortened due to chemo, down to 24 days. In other words, a shortened luteal phase, which isn't good if you're trying to spawn. I'm back up to 26 days.  And I'm more awake, always helpful in keeping up with Miss Elizabeth.

I feel especially joyous during summer. (Yeah, even the hot, sticky, DC ones.) I'll spare everyone the whole, "I'm alive, it's wonderful, I have my family," spiel.  (I'm just not comfy being overly-gooey.) But I definately have more appreciation for the wheel of the year.

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  1. glad you're back, love! have fun in the process of creating your spawn! ;) xoxoxoxox