Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm Back..........

and home from the hospital. I was told I could leave at 5:15pm and was out of there by 6pm. That is the fastest discharge EVER.

Elizabeth seemed kind of nonplussed to see me; glad but I was interrupting her trick-or-treating. (Mother Nature lent me a hand there. The downpour chased my kid back inside within a half an hour.)
She's a little sad she can't fully hug me but my goodness, the drains are fascinating!! We also can't play together like we do normally. No dress-up, no chase, no soccer. Hope she enjoys endless card and board games.

CJ, Betsy, and Jo have been troopers. (All of them need sleep and alone time.) I feel bad needing more help from them.


  1. So glad you're home and glad you got to see Elizabeth go trick or treating for a bit! You rest up and take full advantage of the help, they can sleep later :) Love ya!

  2. Hey Polly: I wish I could be there. 8( I miss you terribly and you are in my thoughts. Just put mom back on a place bound for NM - she just celebrated her 70th birthday with us in PHX - and she has said countless prayers for you. I hope they have reached you. Lots of love and a speedy recovery. You are truly a superwoman! xoxoxox