Saturday, January 23, 2010

I'd Like to Start a Poker Group at Chemo but....

I'm getting bored during chemo and there seems to be about 4 other folks my age at the Chemo Infusion Suite on Fridays so I thought I might start a card group. Unfortunately, I realized that:

A. I don't know how to play poker. This is probably a reaction to CJ's love and devotion to watching the World Poker Tour on ESPN. (In fact, the only thing I'm certain I know about poker is that many players like to wear sunglasses during the game.)

Which led me to the second thought-

B. The card games I'm most familiar with are children's. (Anyone up for Go Fish or Old Maid?)

C. I also don't know how to play Bridge or Solitaire.

So where does this leave me?

DRINKING GAMES! Which I learned during college.

I can play Asshole or Up the River, Down the River. I'm trying to figure out how to adapt those games for chemo but haven't come up with any ideas yet...

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