Saturday, March 27, 2010

"It is Finished."

My chemo, that is. Twelve weeks of weekly infusions of Taxol and Herceptin, with lots of lovely pre-meds.  Now I just have a year of Herceptin, which is a hormonal therapy. I'll be getting infusions of Herceptin every three weeks.

The season of Ostara, Passover, and Easter is especially poignant to me this year. New beginnings for me because of Divine Intervention (in the form of an early mammogram and my raging hypochondria.) I have been Blessed.

Blessings come with responsibilities; I must remember to humble and grateful, else I waste what was given to me from Above. I take inspiration from Jo-perseverance, Kristen K.-remember to be humble, and Jess's tatoo of the old Shaker song, "Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free."

By the way, when my mom took me home from chemo yesterday, I had a surprise waiting at home. CJ and Elizabeth had filled the living room with pink balloons and blue crepe streamers!!!! The loves of my life!!

Sorry for the unusually soggy and uber-sentimental nature of the this post.

OK-now I'm off to garden, heal, and grow back the half of my hair that did fall out.  

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