Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun with Wigs

My posse and I finally ventured out to get a wig for my soon-to-bald head. We went to Bravadas in Fairfax City. Very nice people. Especially when faced with a three year old kid shrieking, "I wanna try THAT ONE!"

I found a human hair wig that looks like my current hair. Not bad, just a little lighter than my hair is during the winter. The shop will darken it up for me and trim it when I start losing my hair. (It will fit differently after I lose my hair so it's not recommended to do it beforehand.)

My women in my support group have told me that I should consider a synthetic wig because you never need to style it. That's just it-unless I'm doing something fancy (right...I'm a SAHM and co-op pre-school parent-helper. The need for hair perfection just isn't there.) I don't style my hair. I stick in a clip or a pony-tail. Wearing a styled wig would certainly tip off people who know me that I'm wearing a wig. Which is not what I'm going for.

CJ as Wayne Campbell, from Wayne's World


  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are too cute!


  2. Excellent!!! LMAO!