Friday, February 5, 2010

The Right Time to Get Cancer?

The cliche answer is no, there is never a "right" or good time to get cancer.

Horse hockey. I feel incredibly blessed to to have good timing/recent advances in science just happen this past year, for me to benefit from:

1. Digital Mammograms. They weren't around 10 years ago and they saved me for much worse. The digital mammogram was able to focus in on little rice-grain-like specks in my left breast. Specks that I naturally assumed stemmed from two burning cases of mastitis.

2. DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction Procedure. A tummy-tuck and a new boobie rolled into one. But it really is all you. So I can still claim, like Teri Hatcher's character on Seinfeld, "They're real and they're fabulous!!" (And now they won't end up heading south, like two giant rye loaves.)

3. The FDA expanding the use of Herceptin for early stage breast cancer after primary therapy. My survival rate just shot up 46%. Thank you, Goddess. With all my heart.

Of course, technology will keep advancing and maybe one day lasers and pills will be able to take care of everything. Then everyone will stay healthy, disrupt the natural order of things, and the planet will impode, utterly out of resources. For now, I'm pretty glad I was diagnosed so early and at the current forefront of mondern medicine.

I'm still not going to be "Pink Warrior" or do any Breast Cancer Walks. I feel more committed to other charities. But they keep calling me....and they know who I's getting creepy. I wonder if there is some "Pink Warrior" hit squad for recalcitrant breast cancer patients who refuse to buy pink stuff?

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