Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I'm Learning as I Go Along

I wish I could get more advice on how a weekly Taxol-only chemo regimen can effect you. Unfortunately, since I'm part of a study, it's just me at the ole' chemo lodge.

Here's the damage list so far:

1. Really Dry Skin
I thought my normal, painful dry skin in winter sucked. At least it's limited to my face.

I started to peel so I invested in an organic mirco-scrub. Then some heavy organic Vitamin C night cream, plus Royal Jelly creme for my eyes. Why all the organic? I found that SLS and parabens (especially those used for fragrance) HURT LIKE HELL. So, thank goodness cheap organic products.

I love:

1. Burt's Bees
2. Dr. Bronner's-my old fav.
3. Alba
4. Jason

These actually cost less than non-organic products.  This goes for all make-up products, too. I love Bare Escentuals.

2. I think my hair is thinning. It falls out at a normal rate only there is no normal replacement. I'd better invest in some mousse.

3. Chemo brain. It's not bad or sad. Just kind of floaty. And hampers my ability to carry on an interesting conversation with CJ or other friends. Never before have I been so on my 3 year-old daughter's conversational wavelength.

4. Fatigue

Oh, boy. When it hits, it hits like I'm back in the first trimester of pregnancy, only I'm loopy, unemotional, and single-minded-get me to bed!! Then the house can burn down, for all I care.

5. As the weeks pass, I'm getting a bit weaker and more tired for longer durations. Exactly as I expected. I'm almost halfway there. Tomorrow will be my 5th infusion.

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  1. Glad you're doing okay. So nice to see you at FHP yesterday - you looked great!