Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I had two doctor's appointments this afternoon. Every scrap of info on breast cancer out there says to get two, so I went out and got two. Not that there was much difference, nor did I expect there to be.

So, here is what both doctor's agreed on:

1. I need to have an MRI to get a closer look at the DCIS in the lower quaderant of my left breast and check out the microcalifications in the top section. The MRI will be bilateral, so they'll take a gander at the right one, too.

2. Bloodwork, of course!! My cancer "experience" wouldn't be complete without it.

3. A sentinel node biopsy. To check for more cancer in the lymph nodes closest to my breast. If there is cancer in there, uh, that's bad. Like "you'll need chemo and we'll have to harvest your eggs because you'll never conceive naturally again," bad, worse-case scenario. Or, if the docs are feeling footloose and fancy free about just a few cancer cells having made their way over to the nodes, they'll just remove the nodes, check for more cancer in the next set of nodes, wash, rinse, and repeat. You get the idea.

Eventually, I'll just be out of nodes, catch a bunch of infections, and develop a really big armpit (which is called lyphmadema). Maybe shaving will finally be easier.

4. I'm probably looking at a simple masectomy. There are numerous califications throughout my breast. And unless I want my boob to look like a figure 8, a lumpectomy is most likely out.

Here is the one thing that the second doctor, Dr. Christine Habib added. She wants me to have another, closer mammogram of my right breast, because of the minor califications there. Shit.

To be continued later....

Dr. Weintritt's P.A., Leah, was great. My age and asked me right off the bat how much information I had been given/researched. (Hey, I can't imagine someone my age NOT doing research.)

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  1. Great way to keep us all updated! I'll be sure to check here daily! love ya-kt