Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Breasts Play Good Cop, Bad Cop

The doctor I'm getting a second opinion from, Dr. Habib, called with the results of my bilateral MRI and the mammogram that I had done yesterday on my right breast.

OK-bad cop first. The DCIS is spread throughout my left breast. Which means that a mastectomy is the surgical treatment. If I went with a lumpectomy, I'd be left with a breast shaped like a figure-8, with a nipple waving at the end. No thanks.

Just an FYI-the breast, while viewed by doctors in quaderants, is not like an orange. It does not divide neatly into segments. Milk ducts (where DCIS and most BC starts) are not linear; one duct can weave through many "quaderants" of the breasts. So, while only 1 or 2 ducts might be affected, it's the amount of location of the cancer sites throughout the ducts that dictate whether or not a lumpectomy or a mastectomy is needed.

Now for the good cop news. As I posted yesterday, the second mammogram showed that there is no cancer in my right breast. The MRI that scanned both breasts yesterday confirmed it!!! So, I get to hang on to the right one. For now. Crossing my fingers.

Even better was the MRI showing that none of my lymph nodes are enlarged! Which means that cancer hasn't or won't "brake on through to the other side."

Yes, I'm grateful. It could have been worse. But I'm still upset of the upcoming loss of my left breast. Everytime I pass a mirror, or wear a low-cut top (and you know me-I have lots of those!!), I wonder just how much longer I'll have it.

CJ, Elizabeth, and I are planning on going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival this weekend, when it opens for the season. Renn-geek that I am, have my own, very nice bodices. Yeah, they show off the girls. It's part of the "atmosphere" of the Renn Faire. I'm guessing this will be the last one that both "girls" go to.


  1. So glad the right breast and lymph nodes are clear!

  2. Glad to hear the miss righty won't be going anywhere! You have a wonderful time this weekend and show the twins off girl! Love you, you're in my thoughts each and every day!