Monday, August 31, 2009

Moving Quickly

Things are moving pretty fast.

I called the recommended plastic surgeon's office (Dr. Venturi) at 9am sharp this morning. His secretary said they didn't have any appointments this week and I'd have to wait until next week. Unless....unless I wanted to come in today?

You bet. I'm in the "get things planned and done" mode. The waiting is making me antsy. Not that I look forward to surgery or "putting this all behind me," "moving on with my life, " etc. because I just am not that kind of person. My experiences are always with me, a part of me. Why try to forget? They influence who I am. (Notice I said "influence. Not "make".)

I hate waiting. I especially loathe waiting for unpleasent things, like shots. The waiting is worse than the shot. Having your boob sliced off and a new one installed is a darn big shot!

I'll update on what the plastic surgeon says when I get home.


  1. Polly - good luck with the appointment. I know you said no pink sh**, but hey - it's a massage...granted you may not be able to go dependent on the surgery date, but thought I'd pass it along. CLEARLY, a good cause! Love ya!

  2. Hope the appointment went well - let me know if you need any more babysitting help.