Monday, August 31, 2009

"My Breasts are More Important Than Yours !"

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it, breast augmentation babes!

At least, that was what the plastic surgeon, Dr. Venturi, said. Apparently, my surgery gets to bump folks with elective surgeries.

First, the plastic surgeon needs to make sure I have enough abdominal fat (I offered to eat more doughnuts to help out and was turned down.) to make a new breast with-Yes, you understood that correctly...FREE TUMMY-TUCK. My C-section scar isn't helping; it blocks the view and they need to get a closer look at the normal scarring that occurs. So, I'm off to have a CT scan on Thursday.

I'm back at the plastic surgeon's on Wednesday, September 9th for the pre-op consult to finalize what the CT scan says about my eligiblity to have a DEIP "free" flap construction. Assuming all goes well, he'll get more measurements and then conference with my breast cancer surgeon, Dr. David "The Grape Crusher" Weintritt. After that, there will be a meeting of the "peoples"; Dr. Venturi's people and Dr. Weintritt's people will figure out a mutually agreeable time and the people from Virginia Hospital Center will provide the place.

I'll be the person on the gurney wearing a corset.


  1. Way to go, hot mama! Hope the CT Scan goes well. Thinking about you!

  2. Well, if you have to put up with the crap that is breast cancer, you sort of deserve a free tummy tuck, you know? -jeri

  3. I agree with Jeri! Hope it takes all of your abdominal fat to make up that breast and you end up with a 6 pack!!

  4. Oops- that comment above was me (Danielle).