Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things to Do On My Cancer Checklist

Here's my tentative schedule for the next round of stuff I need to have done:

1. Mammogram of the right breast, Friday Aug. 20th at 11am

2. Bloodwork-probably right after the mammogram as I won't have my 3 year-old running the clinic in a room full of needles.

3. MRI-Tuesday, Aug. 25th at 8am. A bilateral peek-a-boo at both ta-tas, with a concentration on the poor left one.

I guess I'll have to squeeze in breathing and reflection on my changed health status later. After I finish feeling sorry for myself.

1 comment:

  1. Polly,

    You have every right in the world to feel sorry for yourself. The situation you have found yourself in cannot be "fun". As a human being we all feel for ourselves whether it be good or bad. What I hope for you, besides the obvious, is that you get a few moments in the day to stop, breath, feel sorry for yourself, and maybe just maybe smile. None of that is required, but if you do find time to do one or all then you can look into the mirror and say "I did it and I can do it again."

    You are a strong, intelligent woman who has a wicked sense of humor that I know you will never lose. Know that you are loved and cared about by many people even when we don't know how to express ourselves at times.