Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Age Before Beauty"-at Least in Breast Cancer Research

I'm getting really frustrated with how little research on breast cancer is being done for pre-menopausal women. Science is really lagging behind on this one.

Most research on breast cancer has been done on menopausal women. Not much for women like me; women who delayed having their first child until after 30, but breastfed. La Leche will probably bemoan a study that shows their oft-repeated stat that they tattoo on all members foreheads, "breastfeeding reduces your chance of getting breast cancer by 10% every year that you do it," depends on the age of mom. But I'm sure they'll come around.

We should probably also start a second study group of women who delayed childbirth until after 30 and needed hormonal fertility treatments, too. Jacking your estrogen levels up to get pregnant might lead to babies and cancer.

We are a large group in most metropolitan areas and getting bigger. Since I'm speaking about disease that can kill you and has a much better shot at it than if you are older, this blows.

Hey-I'm about to get my breast lopped off and I did my grad-student-like best research on the subject. How can a physician or a patient make an informed decision on material that doesn't truly apply to their age or circumstance?

Trust me, research is coming. The breast cancer demographic I'm in is only going to get bigger. Just call me a complaining Guinea pig.

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