Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Well...Virginia Hospital Center is 0-1 for Me

Their radiology department messed up. They didn't send the disc of my CT scan from last Thursday to my plastic surgeon.

I showed up at my plastic surgeon's office this morning at 9:30am in Tysons Corner-which is about 45 minutes in traffic from my house-and asked the nurse to make sure the disc had been sent. Nope.

Great. So, Dr. Venturi (nice guy) told me that since he had to go to Virginia Hospital Center today to see patients, he would go down to radiology and get my disc himself. Yay for him! Boo-hiss on them. I needed the results for my breast cancer surgeon, who I see tomorrow at 9am. ARGH!!!

I'll call Dr. Venturi's office at 8am to see if he got the results and if I am able to have a DIEP flap reconstruction.

I'm especially ticked at VHC because the moment my scan was finished, I lept off the table and asked for the disc. I was told I couldn't have it because it wasn't ready and they would send it Dr. Venturi's office. I should have been more suspicious; when I arrived for the CT scan last week, the radiology reception told me that they didn't think that my insurance would cover the scan, as the script was from a plastic surgeon. " did read the part of the script that mentions this is for breast reconstruction, right?" "I don't know if your insurance will give their approval. They don't have to cover it."

WRONG. The insurance company does have to cover reconstruction, according to the 1998 law passed under the Clinton Administration. (Why does that not surprise me? Bill really liked boobies.)

So far, I am not impressed with VHC. I've lived in Alexandria all my life and used the Inova hospitals here for everything from a broken arm in 2nd grade (which the computer pulls up every time I go in for something) to MRIs, to my C-section with Elizabeth. Inova, while slow at times, has not screwed up.

How competant VHC remains to be seen.

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