Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surgery Scheduled-It Might Be Changed

Well, my surgery has been scheduled....for October 28th! Not what I was expecting. I was expecting much earlier. However, my plastic surgeon is on vacation for the first week of October and his assistant is on vacation for the second week in October. So, the earliest I can get in after they get back is late October.

The date doesn't make me too happy. My parents are going to be in South America, on a trip they have been planning for a long time. Oh-and it's next to my favorite holiday-HALLOWEEN!! (Which is also a religious holiday for me.) I guess I can still dress up, in the hospital. In fact I saw a great costume at the Maryland Renaissance Festival a couple of weeks ago. It was a guy dressed in a long, black robe with a medieval plague mask . Remind me to wander the hospital hallways in that one....

I've called my breast cancer surgeon to see if I can wait until after Nov. 9th, when my parents get back. I'm waiting to hear back but it probably won't be until Monday.  Dr Weintritt, the surgeon, offered me the chance to have the mastectomy part earlier, leaving reconstruction until later. However, I REFUSE TO WAKE UP WITH ONE BOOB. Not gonna happen. Also, I would have to have two surgeries and have two hospital stays. I think that would be very hard for Elizabeth.

We'll just have to see-the risk for putting off the surgery till November is very minimal. I'm stage 0.

I guess I won't be the one making Thanksgiving dinner this year....

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