Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wanted: An Oncologist that Isn't a Jerk

I'm in the market for an oncologist. It's like shopping for a car, in that the your money is taken and the person you are dealing with never quits. (So I'm told. Even if you are on your deathbed.) Many of the breast cancer patients I've recently met have had problems with their oncologists. Several doctors pop up frequently in conversation and the comments have not been kind.

I'm not looking for a doctor who asks me if I have any questions and then runs out of the room, telling me to save for next time.

Or someone with the personality of pitbull. When you are comtemplating suspending your menstrual cycle through drugs, in order to reduce your estrogen, gee, I want someone who can show a little sympathy.

I need the world's most amazing oncologist. Actually, I'm just looking for a relatively hyper-intelligent doctor who knows something about PCOS and cancer. I don't mean someone who read a paragraph in a book about PCOS.

Why? Because I want to make sure the oncologist is not dismissive of the PCOS, just because it is not threatening to get me RIGHT NOW. As the comedian George Carlin said, "It's gonna kill ya." Now or later (and I certainly prefer later, much later) but I don't want to die of a heart attack caused by diabetes (caused by the PCOS) either.

I realize an oncologist's job is to, "Get the cancer out!" But at the end of the day, I have to live (hopefully!) with both the cancer and PCOS.

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