Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dr. Doogie OKs Later Surgery Date; Is Grounded Untill Then

Yay!! My breast cancer surgeon approved re-scheduling my mastectomy surgery date. It will now be around Veteran's Day, Wednesday, Novemeber 11th .

As Martha Stewart would say, there are several "good things" about postponing surgery.  (And none have to do with cooking, sewing, having the perfect household, life, etc.)

Good Thing #1
My parents will be back from their trip to South America. Mom will be able to stay at our house and give my mother-in-law, Betsy, a hand with Elizabeth when CJ has overnight hospital duty with me. Dad can lend moral support.

Good Thing # 2
Halloween!!!! IT'S ON!!!!! (And I can take my favorite 3 year-old trick-or-treating!!!)

Good Thing #3
Minimal risk in delaying surgery. I talked to Dr. Weintritt on the phone yesterday. (Wow, it's nice to have a doctor that you actually get to speak to on the phone, rather than to his nurse.) He even has a sense of humor about it, "Well, I guess I can perform surgery on Veteran's Day, even though I'm a veteran." (To which CJ went: "What?!? In what war? He looks like he's 25!!!) Does this make Dr. Weintritt, "Dr. Doogie?"

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  1. To be fair, anyone who's ever had to deal with Polly when she's in "get things done" mode could probably be considered a veteran.

    I kid, I kid.