Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can I Put My Love Handles to Good Use?

Never thought you would hear that! Seriously, though-tomorrow morning is my appointment with the (hot, according to CJ) plastic surgeon, Dr. Venturi. I get to find out if the CT angiogram results showed that I have enough tummy fat cells to make a new booby.

If I don't have enough, (hard to imagine, but still possible!) I will have to consider a TRAM flap, or worse, implants.

After a decision is reached with Dr. Venturi, I then trot off to my (hot, again according to CJ) breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Weintritt, on Thursday morning to discuss what Dr. Venturi recommends.

Then I guess I'll be notified by one of the surgery scheduling secretaries about a mutually agreeable day and time at Virigina Hospital Center.

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